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Dishes made by Staffordshire and Dresden were popular in America from about 1790-1820 but were quite expensive.

, tells us that hen on nest pressed glass animal dishes made their first appearance in Germany about 1895.

Straight-sided bottles with labels intact are among the most valuable of Coca-Cola collectibles.

In 1916, the distinctive contoured Coca-Cola bottle was introduced and has been the standard design for the Coca-Cola beverage since.

Lambert, Goebel, Rossi, Moser, Hofbauer, Wedgwood, Pepi Herrmann, Glen Jones, and many others.

The bell type, country of origin, maker, and date (if known) are identified for each bell, along with a general description, size, color, pattern or decoration, and current value.

Covered porcelain dishes representing animals originated in China several hundred years ago, and were later made in Europe.

Joe continued developing and practicing his ideas with the help of his Aunt Marie Hirsch and Uncle Joe Carroll. Clair's were re-united and began to fulfill the long time dream of producing handmade art glass.

So, you've inherited a wonderful "what's-it" from your Great Aunt So and So.

I collect glass hen on nest covered dishes – and ONLY hen on nest covered dishes. One thing that complicates their study is the fact that, unlike other glass objects, they may be referred to by many names.

There are at least 50 different names for a hen on nest dish…from “animal dish” to “trinket box.” All this means you must make a mental note to watch for these terms.

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