Telescoping in dating naturally occurring events dating again after domestic violence

This over reporting is because participants include events beyond the period, either events that are too recent for the target time period (backward telescoping) or events that are too old for the target time period (forward telescoping).

This is not an indication of a security issue such as a virus or attack.Associate Traveler: Any University and University Direct Support Organization ("DSO") employees and University System appointed volunteers or other non-students associated with any international travel activity tied to a participating individual’s status as an active USF student.Business Travel: All other non-student related international travelers which include University and DSO employees, persons of interest, members as defined by University insurance policies, and University System appointed volunteers on university business in support of a specific program of instruction, research, site visit or public service, or more general programs of professional development, international conferences or University operations, regardless of funding source.Business Traveler: Any non-student international traveler on university business regardless of funding source.Group: A group is 2 more travelers, with at least one traveler being an active student.

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