Patti labelle dating keith sweat

Didn't she have to have someone bring her chocolate cake onstage? But I think after that, the tour just sort of petered out. Patti seemed sane to me at this time--I have no idea what's going on with her these days--but then again I don't know Patti on a personal level.

I remember seeing a clip from one of the shows and she seemed to be having some sort of diabetic thing going on. Not me--I don't think her voice has aged well--it's lower than it used to be. Maybe SHE should have had Cindy on her tour since she was so concerned. She also had to wear flats for a stretch instead of her usual pumps. Months later, at a benefit that Patti was headlining, I spoke with one of her staff. But I do believe "horse-faced heffer" (something close to that) was used to describe one. That was the only time I spent time with her like that and I was pretty shy, unlike others.

But poor Patti, she's had a bad year; something isn't right; she's quite a bit beyond her Best Before Date. None of these girls are coming up with hit material at their age; all the kids just think what we thought of Frank Sinatra........ Then there were snow storms everywhere (the storm on opening night at the Apollo was so bad it knocked out the electricity for a while and the sound system never recovered) and the shows were scheduled right around Christmas so people were busy with that.

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We scan all publicly available data and resources and work diligently to ensure that our numbers are the most accurate and up to date net worth data you will find anywhere on the internet.After working together for four more years, they parted company, and Patti La Belle launched a solo career.Her career as a solo artist was uneven, but she launched a very successful stage career, and has continued to work onstage to this day.Patti and Eric hosted Thanksgiving at her home in Philadelphia with guests like Lee Daniels, Questlove and viral video star James Wright Chanel, who sent Patti's pie sales soaring.The couple then spent Christmas on a yacht with songwriter Denise Rich, followed by a quiet New Year’s Eve dinner with friends.

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