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As you'd probably expect from the reputation of the series, Grand Theft Auto IV includes—let's quickly consult the label—blood, intense violence, partial nudity, strong language, strong sexual content, and use of drugs and alcohol.

Yes, concerned teenage boys of America, if your parents are irresponsible enough to let you get your hands on this, you can still kill and maim and plunder and screw until your heart is full.

It looked precisely like the mosaics you see in the New York City subway, except even more ambitious and gorgeous.

And I was thinking, "Man, who Well, Rockstar Games did.

On top of that, his gambling addiction has caused him to take out loans from Albanian Gangsters and The Mafiya, placing him in nigh-inescapable debt.

Determined to help out his cousin, and hoping to investigate a lead regarding the traitor, Niko is forced to delve back into his past life of violence to survive.

Shoot an innocent bystander, and you see his face contort in agony.After he's nearly busted in a smuggling operation on the Adriatic Sea, he decides that it's time to move on from criminal activities and sets sail for Liberty City in the United States, where his cousin Roman claims to have become a self-made millionaire.Unfortunately, Roman's stories turn out to have been highly exaggerated, his "mansion" a dockside slum and his "sports car" a taxi cab.What with GTA IV being the single biggest game release of 2008 there's going to be a lot of reviews and opinions out there vying for your attention. Fresh off the boat from Eastern Europe, he’s a man with a shadowy past: people trafficker and veteran soldier of the most recent Balkan war.So in this 360-centric appraisal we're doing things a little differently - cutting the fluff that surrounds most reviews and getting to what matters. Niko comes to Liberty City, city of opportunity, after receiving an email from his cousin Roman, who claims he is rich and living in a condo with girls with ‘big titties’.

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    Theater managers were often happy to look the other way as underage kids scrambled to get into these R-rated films.