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Your limbs have stretched toward the light of the sun--love, inspiration, creation. You are an instrument playing a note in the universal symphony. make food you know your babe likes observatories, looking at stars and constellations, go to one of the little shows. nerd going on a walk run/bike (make sure to bring music), unless you're a lazy piece of shit, then just stay home napping together, which is what you do if you didn't do the one above PM 31% oooo AT&T rollerblading/ice skating; depending on the weather.if they fall help them up, buy them nachos, request a cute song lasertag, destroy them bitches playground; swinging, seesawing, playing hot lava monster seeing a movie, maybe godzilla or some romantic movie idk go to a garden!! if they have a gift shop buy them a cute lil plant necklace take them shopping if you have money and they like getting stuff for free go flower picking, make them a flower crown and make a bouquet if you want to be a smooth motherfucker traditional dinner date; idk this sounds boring but whatever man it's ur life watch the sunrise/sunset on a beach (bring a blanket, music and food or else y'all gon' be bored as fuck with sand in every crevice of your fuckin body) a carnival/fair (u can go for the cliche kiss at the top of the ferris wheel bitch) PM 31% oooo AT&T drive-in movie theater (try not to make out too much tho ya horny bastards) karaoke (you can do a duet.America, Bad, and Funny: EVERY TIME SOMETHING REALLY BAD HAPPENS PEOPLE CRY OUT FOR SAFETY, AND THE GOVERNMENT ANSWERS BY TAKING RIGHTS AWAY FROM GOOD PEOPLE PENN JILLETTE TURNING POINT USA It's a bad way of doing things. the left has some odd belief that if you put more gun laws in place, the criminals will start following them. American Donald Trump Trump 2A Make America Great Again Conservative Republican Liberal Democrat Ccw247 MAGA Politics Liberal Logic Savage Too Savage For Democrats Instagram Merica America President Trump Funny True Second Amendment Guns, Memes, and Money: MISESINSTITUTE IT S AMAZING TO ME HOW MANY PEOPLE THINK THAT VOTING TO HAVE THE GOVERNMENT GIVE POOR PEOPLE MONEY IS COMPASSION.

“These girls would run away for weekends or work a couple of nights,” Pontecorvo said.

Back from the Edge Kinda Lovin Trey Songz l Gotta Make It Someone Else LANY I Loved You But K. The roots have twisted and turned, breaking through the rocks, clutching underground mountains of earth to hold steady against the wind of life’s storms. It is the mirror upon which perception is cast, reflecting scenes of time in the play of eternity. It is a piece of the all-light, of Source, shepherded in your heart until upon singularity it will return. Animals, Anime, and Ass: 31% ooooo AT&T PM cute date ideas kaleidoscopic-fantasies: welcome-to-muke-city-bitch: boy planting: stargazing, sitting on a hill or roof looking at the stars.

Cero But EXPLICIT We Can Still Be Friends Anthony Watson (I Wanna) Kiss You Where I Mis... Future) 21 Savage N) Devices Available Q (Col) Browse Home Search Radio Your Library Tweet Wyatt Hall @wyman 778 Replying to a errikkxa I made her one back btw oooo AT&T PM to kirsten FOLLOWERS SHUFFLE PLAY Download STFU O EXPLICIT mansionz, Spark Master Tape Mansi 79% LD OMG 💀 https://t.co/p O1GJFj C1l Memes, The Rock, and Trunks: YOU ARE PERFECT You are perfect. Your trunk has thickened and barked to hold the weight of a million choices and an ocean of emotion. It is nothing you can clutch with your hands, but yet it is there--the light of a firefly or the breath of a buffalo in winter. You are a spectrum of color in the cosmic kaleidoscope. Without your own unique shape and color, your own unique sound, the masterpiece of creation would be incomplete. a blanket might be nice depending on how soft the grass is picnic, probably at a park. maybe get them a little goldfish or stuffed goldfish if you know they'd kill it museums; like art museums or science museums.

According to the CDC study, teenage girls are far more likely to use contraception.

Teenagers today are having less sex and are using more contraception than kids three decades ago.

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