Computer must be restored before updating

To restore, affected users must then plug their devices into i Tunes on Mac or PC to restore the device.

Details are sparse at this time but the issue appears to be related to the fact that the OTA attempts to download i OS 10.0 and then i Tunes updates to i OS 10.0.1.

For more information about how to restore data to the same server or servers, see Restore Data to the Same Location.

For information about how to restore a single-server deployment after hardware fails, see Restore a single server deployment to new hardware.

Right-click on your display device and select the Driver tab.

Next, click Roll Back Driver and follow the onscreen instructions.

Before you make a bee line to the Apple Store, you'd be wise to double-check that you've backed up your existing device so you don't lose any precious pictures, documents, or other ephemera when you make the big switch.

This is especially useful if you don’t want to undo any other changes you may have made since installing the problematic driver.Otherwise, you will need to sign into the "Admin" user to continue with these steps.If you are not the administrator and you try to update your company file, you will receive the message, "The company file needs to be updated.Each is reliable and safe, but the i Cloud option is easier.However, if you don't feel taking a few minutes to clear up additional i Cloud space, or simply don't IF YOU HAVE AN APPLE WATCH: You'll need to unpair it from your old phone before switching to the new phone.

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