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The University takes these charges very seriously and is cooperating fully with authorities.

Per University policy, Parker has been suspended from his position, barred from University property, and is to have no contact with students.''Uncomfortable to say the least, especially because a lot of the professors here have very personal relations with the students,' junior Hailey Pinkerton told WCPO.

It also continues our perfect record in court-rooms. Scott Brown, a social studies teacher in the Oakhills School District in south/west Ohio, imitated an AOL instant messaging session with my 14 year old male character on 12-31-04.

Amongst many things which transpired during our almost week long contact, the most disturbing was his willingness to pay my characters mother the sum of 00.00 to sign custody over to him for pure sexual purposes.01-02-05 I attempted contact with the Ohio State Police, Lima Ohio Police, and Cincinnati Police.

rauch_jim (04/12/07 PM): Cheyenne, I have too much to lose by getting caught doing this. I'm still not trusting, and I just don't know if it is OK, Please dont' stop talking, and maybe someday we can really do this. Jimsad_cheyenne (04/12/07 PM): :(thought u was just playin wit me krauch_jim (04/12/07 PM): no Im serious.. He is a vile and disgusting man as you can see in the chat, and I am very pleased he will be spending 46 months in a Federal prison and enjoying life time sex offender registration.

Parker reportedly told investigators that it contained thousands of recently downloaded child porn files.

All around are men and women who are, like him, people in transition.

Some are new hires at local firms, some are newlyweds, some are newly divorced and some are simply new to town. If you went online and Googled his name—his real name, of course—or if you went to speak to the sheriff’s deputy in charge of such things in this county, you would learn one additional thing about Paul: He is a registered sex offender.

Today marks our 17th conviction in the last 12 months, our 5th conviction in the last 20 days and our first conviction in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Duane Scott Brown was a teacher in Cincinnati when he propositioned what he thought was a young male played by the erstwhile Jay Alternative. After positively identifying Brown, Jay made contact with his employer.

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